“Raised in a basement and surviving only on sheer will and flamin’ hot cheetos, Touched by Ghoul clawed their way to the surface to induce the vomit of your soul. Touched By Ghoul exists in their own post-nostalgic now, rock and roll gravediggers tearing right through their dissonant yet beautiful Earth. Helmed by Angela Mullenhour (Sybris, Coins) along with a broody bunch of rock and roll ruffians of the Chicago scuzz scene, Touched By Ghoul constructs a soundtrack that is equally at home at a dive bar or a séance.” they say in their press release. Sounds a bit far fetched you think? We think it’s pretty spot on & you can judge for yourselves in this awesome Evil Dead meets Office Space sketch of hallucinatory weirdness.

Their debut LP is available now on new Chicago imprint Under Road Records

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