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After four years since the last album Red Spider, the 7C, or Sette Ci, are back with a change of line up: the entry of Tony “Death” Berardinucci on guitar with the band’s founders Davide Di Virgilio (drums, electronics), and Giuseppe Lubatti (double bass ). The new album entitled Compartment C due out it September 2017 via Italian De Ambula Records (Ulan Bator, Oslo Tapes, Marigold, Before Cars, etc.).

This is the first video from the album Compartment C, which will be released in September 2017. The original script was conceived from the band itself, wanting to underline the main concept of the entire album: the contemporary alienation due to work and to the hectic pace of modern life. The protagonist is spending his holidays nearby a lake, but he’s forgotten that he has to go back to work the very same day. He doesn’t find any means of transport to go back to the city, so he starts running toward his office. He is anxious and breathless but he finally reaches the city, where he rides a bike to get out of traffic jams. The storyboard switch between the protagonist’s struggle to get there on time and his distress and frustration about going back to his job, which he hates.

This video was shot and directed by Sara Di Berardino, production and post-production by Multimediaface, Pescara (Italy). Watch the video here:

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