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Sweden’s King of Asgard are back with their fourth studio album, which will be released by Trollmusic on March 17th. : t a u d r : maintains the distinctive style of previous releases, incorporating nuances of Nordic black metal, hints of folk and, of course, grandiose melodies.

The band won’t be streaming the album in full before its release date, but they are premiering the track ‘Upon Raging Waves’, which is a cover by Swedish Viking metal band Mithotyn. When asking about this track the band comments: “With a tradition of recording cover songs the King now, on : t a u d r :, offer you a tune of our own heritage and past. We’ve basically been asked about doing this since the birth of King of Asgard but have instead tributed our personal masters. Anyway, a concert promoter asked us for a Mithotyn song performed live. We agreed and also decide to record it for the album. Thus, here we are presenting you one of the genre’s strongest tunes and trailblazing trademarks; ‘Upon Raging Waves’.

“Representing an important piece of King of Asgard’s past and personal history as well as King of Asgard and Mithotyn share the similar concepts in music as in lyrical approach… and with this we’re finally at the stage of releasing : t a u d r : upon a slumbering and unaware world. Unleash …the fury of the Norse!”

: t a u d r : is up for pre-order through here. Listen to ‘Upon Raging Waves’ here:

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