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Salem, Massachusetts’ 1476 creates isolationist sound stories, heavy in atmosphere, that draw upon elements of many genres including metal, punk, neofolk and ambient. The band’s music harbors an energy and mood that reflects the environment of the old, haunting landscapes of New England’s coastal regions. 1476 will release its new album, Our Season Draws Near, on March 31 via Prophecy Productions.

Ahead of its release the band now premieres the track ‘Solitude (Exterior)’, which you can listen to below. When asking Robb Kavjian about the track he said: With each project we work on, I strive to get closer to the sounds, feelings, and atmospheres I wish to express through music. Year after year, we hammer away at ideas, release them, reflect on them, and then try to find a way to get even closer the next time. With this song, we’ve come extremely close to accurately expressing the feelings and moods I’ve always wanted to convey. I’ve always felt ‘outside’ and ‘apart’ from almost everything and everyone throughout my life. I’ve never had a sense of belonging to any group, scene, circle of friends, relationship, family, etc. with the exception of maybe 3 or 4 separate individuals. As a result, I’ve spent most of my life observing others and how they interact in groups with a slight longing to have that for myself. In the song, we present two different extremes: feeling isolated and alone surrounded by crowds of people and feeling exactly same while laying next to a sleeping lover–someone who is content next to us thinking they know and feel us deeply when, in reality, we are wide awake feeling utterly misunderstood and isolated. To me, this has only reaffirmed how alone we really are (or maybe just me! I don’t know!). The sound of Neil’s drums and his performance are everything I’ve ever wanted on one our albums–definitely my favorite drum recording to date: massive, spacious, deep, organic, and full of life!”

Our Season Draws Near is available for pre-order through here.

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