Bad Thing EP by PINS

Release date: March 24, 2017
Label: Haus of Pins

Manchester all-female five-piece PINS just dropped their new EP on March 24th. Bad Thing was recorded in a studio on the Scottish border and was produced by Mark Vernon and the band. Five tracks are featured here, including a cover of Joy Division’s ‘Dead Souls’ and a collaboration with Iggy Pop.

These gals create an interesting and somewhat challenging melange of styles. The synth heavy space rock of “Bad Thing” is like new wave in outer space, with rumbling bass and what sounds like most of the gals singing in unison on the chorus. Guitars are fuzzed out, and the synth parts swirl like foo fighters. The collaboration with Iggy (‘Aggrophobe’) is freaking weird, with his spoken word parts telling a story. The accompanying instruments sound like a Doors outtake.

‘All Hail’ is dreamy motorik with hand clap percussion competing with surf guitar. It’s my firm favorite and has a strong melodic structure. “In Nightmares” reminds me a bit of Danish favorites The Raveonettes, containing that slightly gothic and heavily atmospheric feel that I enjoy. The cover of ‘Dead Souls’ retains the feel of the original without copying it verbatim. Certainly the ominous bass and drums at the beginning convey dark emotion, but that is offset by the almost bombastic synths charging through the mix. Guitar work is subtle and reminiscent of early Cure, and the vocals are simple and effective.

In short, this is a cool but short EP from these talented ladies, and it will challenge your expectations. Recommended for all fans of their earlier work as well as folks who appreciate the bands mentioned herein.

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