Creep by No Joy

Release date: February 24, 2017
Label: Grey Market

Whatever you were expecting from this Montreal shoegaze group comprised of Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd, it probably wasn’t this EP. Only four songs long, and ranging from the grungy synth pop of ‘Fluorescent Dread’ to the noise pop of ‘Califone’, it’s a departure from previous efforts.

‘Califone’ has lines that remind one of New Order, right before it slips into noisy oblivion, replete with cooing vocals. It’s a stylistic 180 from their old work, and one that takes a bit of patience to sort out. The band claims they’re drawing from varied influences ranging from Industrial to New Age, and White-Gluz co-wrote the EP with producer Jorge Elbrecht (Violens)..

‘Hellhole’ has an aimless joy to it with big hooks and layers of fuzz competing with light, breathy vocals. It’s an interesting juxtaposition, and I imagine this tune kills it in a live setting. Here, though, I am a tad put off by the heavy use of synths. I can’t say I am fully enamored of this approach, but it may grow on me in time.

‘Tearing Apart the Dark’ is discordant and dark, with a slightly warped guitar sound. As this is only four songs, there isn’t a lot to add that hasn’t already been mentioned. Existing fans will lap this up as it’s strikingly different than their older tunes. New fans may also be drawn to the contrast of light and dark used effectively on Creep.

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