Antarctica by Moon Gravity

Release date: February 27, 2017
Label: Silver Media

Influenced by the vast frozen landscape of Antarctica, musician and composer  Stas Neilyk,operating under the moniker of Moon Gravity, presents his latest body of work Antarctica. Combining elements of ambient with post-rock and shozegaze, we’re presented with a near-perfect aural snapshot of the incredibly powerful frozen tundra and all it has to offer. Whilst some artists would find influence from a location, and perhaps hone in on one specific element, Neilyk instead shows us the many different sides to the landscape, from the beautiful vast open tundras to the incredibly intimidating and powerful weather that shakes one to their core. The result is a wonderfully varied and creative album experience that perfectly expresses the artist’s intentions.

Across the three tracks presented on this release, we’re given a wonderful variety of different ideas and techniques, all sounding incredibly varied yet all perfectly encapsulating the album’s core themes. It’s all tied together wonderfully, flowing from one idea to the next with incredible ease. The variety of it all calls up a myriad of emotions and feelings, from serene calm and beauty on the album’s opener ‘Nightfall’, to fear, terror and uncertainly on the following track ‘Snowstorm’ to an exhilarating and rushing sense of movement on the album’s closer. It all showcases the many sides to the location, whilst still maintaining an incredibly tight and cohesive vision.

Neilyk’s amalgamation of various techniques shows a wonderful flair of creativity. Elements of post-rock, ambient, dub and drone all play equal parts in this album’s experience, occasionally accentuated by ghostly vocals that sound as mysterious as the music itself. Some elements and techniques feel a little questionable, perhaps making the musical elements feel a little too patchwork at times, but in presenting the overall concept of the album, it seems to work in its own right. Everything captures the mood and tone wonderfully, as though putting you right there into the foray of Antarctica itself.

Antarctica is a very clear vision from the get go, though the surprises here and there make it an interesting release, showcasing that there’s a fair amount one can actually do with ambient and post-rock genres without letting it restrict creativity. Neilyk at times, doesn’t even seem to fall on the very simple and basic elements so often seen in these genres, showcasing himself as an artist who is thinking a little outside the box, and seeing what new ideas can work here. It’s all culminated in a very well presented vision of a creative project, which has certainly been executed very well.

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