Gnosis Kardias ( Of Transcension and Involution) by Inferno

Release date: April 4, 2017
Label: W.T.C. Productions

An ever-increasing number of black metal bands feature dissonance and accessibility in equally impressive amounts. While bands often lean one way or another, few bands actually attempt to cross both realms and unite them under one cohesive effort. Count Inferno‘s Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution) amongst these monumental attempts at merging various elements of black metal that were often thought to contradict one another, all into one addictive and aesthetically brilliant style.

Sound samples unite with cavernous roars and rung notes in this Helicon of black metal inspiration. The band merges different segments with deft ease. The songwriting is aesthetically pleasing, and the music itself stamps a lasting vestige in your mind as you listen to Gnosis Kardias repeatedly. Be warned, to bear witness to Inferno’s art, is to scar yourself in a way that never means to heal.

Inferno’s music features plenty of aural textures, industrial touches, and atmospheric rung notes that reverberate into echoing occult profundity. This album is so addictive, so lovingly-rendered, so meticulously crafted, I would dare say that this is one of 2017’s best releases I’ve heard thus far. It’s so tiring to hear metal writers proclaim mainstream lamestream bands like Metallica a resurgent band based on their latest effort. Metal isn’t chauvinist posery and mass worship. It wasn’t certainly intended for black metal, in spite of the growing number of scene tourists heralding lesser self-proclaimed representatives of the genre. So, if black metal is your ritual worship, may you seek music of the purest kind. Travel far and wide for bands that exalt the true spirit of nihilism and non conformity. Let this search begin with Inferno, a band that seeks to instill black metal sovereign for the intelligent black metal fan.

After all, black metal is art. It isn’t a deliberate regression into primal being. It is evolution and the majesty of trasnscendent creation. Inferno’s Gnosis Kardias is not mainstream trend worship, nor is it crafted with contrivance and repetition. It is sacred art for lovers of the dark crafts. It is the look of a man who peers into his soul through the medium of a band’s music, and thusly, the realization that art transcends the physical form, into finer matter, such as thoughtform, and the heart’s passion. It is a love for this music that binds fans and bands together as one compendium. We bear witness. We are scarred.

So, I am honored to recommend Inferno’s Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution) to readers of Echoes and Dust. Godspeed on your journey for a world where music has the power to transcend the spoken word.

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