Freak Out Orgasm! by Hibushibire

Release date: March 3, 2017
Label: Riot Season Records

Freak Out Orgasm! is the bat-shit crazy debut EP from Japan’s ???? (Hibushibire) on Riot Season Records. If you like extremely wild and wacky guitar music, you’ll likely find Hibushibire to be a band with a lot of promise.

*Author note, I don’t know if that metadata for this was wrong or they changed the tracklisting but apparently, I enjoyed and reviewed this in a different order; always do your metadata right people, be thorough and name the tracks with a two-digit number at the start.

‘Deep Throat River Holy Mountain High’ opens the album a volcanic guitar eruption, briefly gestating jangles into a glorious surge of lead guitar shredding. The tracks mysterious vocals add to the general vibe of the mystical meeting the maniacal in the album, there’s this almost theatrical sense of bewilderment, spinning out of control. Blown Out and Yuri Gagarin fans like myself and the creature, Jake Murray, will probably get a kick out of the sprawling psychedelic odyssey that is ‘Deep Throat River Holy Mountain High’. It feels like going down the rapids on a log flume, flying off a mountain and then landing in a misty lagoon, before washing up in some greasy dystopian harbour.

The next track on this four-track LP is the three-part second track, ‘Hallucination Valley Blues – Flying Shiva Attack – HVB (Reprise)’. I love how the name sounds like something from Final Fantasy, obviously the middle part contributes a lot to that, but in some ways it does remind me of the more proggy parts of the later Final Fantasy music, listen to The Black Mages and you’ll see, they’re fucking incredible. This kind of reminds me of Van Halen in some ways as well which is cool.

A short, powerful interlude in the album is ‘Lucifer’s My Friend’, it does occur to me listening to this that I’d love to hear more power in the rhythm section for this mix because as it stands a lot of the album is dominated by guitars, the playing is fucking great across and the guitars sound fucking insanely brilliant but, it would be good to have a bolder sound for the bass and the drums but for a debut album it’s good. In any case, put this band in an ideal recording scenario and they will produce something masterful.

The vocals return in ‘Trepanation Breakdown’ beckoning out into the distance, like running through the woods shouting your friends or your family and not quite managing to find them, just howling in the wind.

It actually reminds me of Dinosaur Jr. at times, in fact, that’s probably the highest compliment I could give this, it’s a great album and to have a J. Mascis twinge going this early on, means that without a doubt, the sophomore release from these guys is already absolutely unmissable for me.

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