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It is rare that you come across a debut album so starkly beautiful and intensely powerful as Asira’s first release, Efference. A vehement disregard for genre conventions, Efference is a stunning mixture of blues, progressive metal, post-blackened metal and ambience. For fans of Alcest, Opeth, Ulver, Anathema, and more, this is an album for all fans of forward thinking heavy music. Post-genre, moving beyond mere convention.

Efference will be self-released on April 7th, and you can listen to the exclusive premiere of the title track below. When asking the band about the track they said: “Efference is about a child with Rett Syndrome who struggles to control her movements and communicate her thoughts freely. It examines the inevitable feelings of isolation, desperation and longing, but also the peace and repose that punctuates the lives of those who suffer with this condition. The fragile guitars and delicate melodies which introduce the song reflect the seemingly frail nature of those with Rett Syndrome. However, these steadily give way to endearing vocal hooks and spirited basslines, all adorned with a deceptive pop potency. The sublime rhythm section carries the piece to an eruptive climax of pure elation, demonstrating that despite the condition, she is still able to feel intense emotion. This radiant sensation is attended by unbridled black metal veracity; a sensory experience of exploding sound, colour and emotion, flooding into a dormant consciousness. As the title track from our debut album, Efference serves as a declaration of the emotional richness and candor that heavy music is distinctly capable of realising.”

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