Psychedelogy by Deep Space Destructors

Release date: February 27, 2017
Label: Space Rock Productions

This is pretty much what it says on the tin; a lesson in modern psyche from the people that brought you The Oulo Space Jam Collective (band members, not on Eggs in Aspic but, surely soon?) Deep Space Destructors or DSD. I even like that it’s following, what to me has become the norm for today’s psyche bands, the four-track LP. I like this format ‘cause it allows a lot of room for all of the tracks to fully stretch out and get limber but, also lays to rest that irritating notion that an EP was just an album with four songs. As petty and pedantic as that is or I am, that’s just the opinion I fully, one hundred percent, subscribe to like an addiction I can’t escape. Adamant.

‘Journey To The Space Mountain’ starts the album with a surge of psychedelia venturing out into space with the force of an erupting rocket engine, it’s as electrifying as The Rock and as cosmologically satisfying as The Moon (the sky rock, not The Mighty Boosh character). It’s cool hearing vocals interacting with this band, I think it really adds a lot in terms of top-line melody despite its sparing usage. The balance is really good, especially since this is for its greatest qualities a space-rock/psyche album leaning heavily on mind-bending instrumentals and really just getting the listener hooked with catchy refrains in the first track and also in ‘Spacemind’. It’s interesting, ‘Spacemind’ kind of reminds me of a track called ‘Starladder’ off the new Evil Triplet album, that has a similar use of vocal hooks against acidic instrumental to create this almost rock opera vibe. It reeks of dank nuggs and is probably the sort of music that across seas all these foreigners are there with their devil bongs ripping their satan weed and intoxicating themselves to insanity! I’m not joking about this because I’m jealous. I’m joking about this because you guys fucking suck. Legalise it. Seriously, in this review, this is now a platform, legalise all the drugs or just at least weed, it’s a fucking plant! It’s literally a plant. Fuck. Anyway, I heard this is great to get high to and I’m not high right now at all. I’m just in my Spacemind. It even sounds like bong rips, it’s brilliant.

In track three, ’Return To The Black Star’, Deep Space Destructors, give us another lesson in Psychedology; this class is explores the influence of stoner rock and early metal on the genre or I guess, let’s just Hawkwind and Black Sabbath with some twinges of more genre-tied stoner rock bands. It instantly nests you in these comforting riffs like someone wrapping a warm pair of earphones around you in the winter like “‘ere ya’re love, that’ll keep ya”. An instant toe-tapper, head-bopper, body-swayer, dragon-slayer, et cetera; it hooks you up in riffage and coats you in liquid psychedelia; head-to-toe in oscillating flutters of rhythm from the drums and the bass adding a sense of groove under the brain-melting guitar work and beckoning vocals. It’s fucking tasty. The solo absolutely blows me away every time, it’s insane. I feel like it’s what all guitar music must sound like on crack; fucking batshit crazy.

The final song, ’From The Ashes’ segues into the album nicely with the crash of drums and instantly a jungle of bass and guitar centres itself as a focal point within the track, despite the incendiary guitar work at the crux of the first segment of the track there’s something about that galloping in the background that draws me in. It’s weird how disassociated and whacked-out the track becomes as the vocals wash in and out, I really like it. It’s like being hungover in a bath dipping your head in and out of the water. Eventually, we get out of the tub into the alien landscape that is post-fucked-up existence; everything looks, tastes, smells and feels different, the track sprawls into a Herculean labyrinth of proggy psychedelia, rounding out the fourth cornerstone of the modern psyche sound nicely through influences. The explosive close to the album finishes things on a dramatic note and yet, I want more.

I’d love to hear a bolder sound on the album in terms of production but, apart from that this is a great record and it really is like a seminar in modern psyche for those looking to delve into the genre.

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