Let The Dancers Inherit The Party by British Sea Power

Release date: March 31, 2017
Label: Caroline Records

It seemed back in the early 2000s there was a wave of band after band all pushing out this indie-rock style of music. Of course, it wasn’t strictly independent rock music, but rather a genre of its own that was becoming defined as simply being music featuring bass, drums and guitar chords, with arguably little effort but great enthusiasm. Now of course, this genre seems to have fallen to the wayside, as many bands began to instead incorporate different elements here and there until it was indistinguishable from where they first started out. Then you get bands like British Sea Power, who across 7 studio albums and various soundtracks, have done nothing more than push out that incredibly energetic and effortless style of indie-rock. And considering they do it so well, what more do they need to do?

On the band’s latest album Let The Dancers Inherit The Party, we’re of course offered that quintessential British Sea Power indie-rock experience. There’s an incredible sense of familiarity with what is being heard, which sounds incredibly effortless from the band. Whilst indie-rock may be something old and unimportant to some, and whilst it became incredibly bloated and stale with those simply doing the bare minimum, it is a genre that British Sea Power just make sound so good. Across the various tracks is a strong sense of fun and enjoyment, something that would make you want to dive onto the dance floor and shake around too.

Many of British Sea Power’s albums have all had their strengths and weaknesses in equal balance. There’s been many standout tracks amongst their discography, and many more that simply fail to live up to the band’s best standard. Let The Dancers Inherit The Party is of course consistent in this trend, with the album failing to have that same level of punch and charged excitement that make their best song so great. Although this seem to be a disappointing element to the album, the whole effort comes across as one of the bands’ more consistent album experience, with each track complimenting the overall experience wonderfully, without those frustrating lulls.

It’s certainly refreshing to hear bands like British Sea Power refuse to fall prey to the trends of current popular music, and instead keep pushing out what makes their music their own. Whilst on the surface of it, Let The Dancers Inherit The Party is simply another indisputable indie-rock album from British Sea Power, it is also one where everything pushed out is all of a strong standard, and the sense of fun and enjoyment one can get from the music is easily apparent. British Sea Power certainly seem to know what they’re doing, and even on their seventh album, haven’t failed in doing so yet.

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