Inerte by Atavismo

Release date: April 7, 2017
Label: Temple of Torturous Records

Spanish progressive space rockers Atavismo impressed on their debut release Desintegración, with it’s mid-period Pink Floyd influences providing a rather listenable experience. They now return with new release Inerte and, although they haven’t strayed too far from the formula, impress once again. Still in place are the liquified guitars reminiscent of Floyd’s ‘Echoes’, but also a new-found confidence in mixing in some quite funky vocals.

Completely delivered in their mother tongue, it is difficult to ascertain what they may actually be singing about, but this sense of disassociation adds the fun. That you never quite known where you are with the album is another great plus and as you get more and more drawn into the extended aspects of the songs, a sense of understanding embraces you. It’s the universal language of music and aside from the obvious niche space rockist trappings, this is where Atavismo excel.

It’s almost impossible to separate the songs on here and from the opening ‘Pan Y Dolor’, a template is set in place of tribal vocals against bass driven excursions into space. ‘El Sueno’ bursts in on a powerful riff which drives the song forward. Later, the band get all spaced out on ‘La Maldicion Del Zisco’ whilst on final song ‘Volaras’, the tribal rhythms play off against B movie sci-fi synths before bringing us full circle again.

Whilst the songs fulfil all genre necessities, it is in the seeming simplicity we find our enjoyment. By using the bass as an anchor, Atavismo colour the songs in little ways just to keep pushing at more exploratory avenues. There’s a sense of sun, and confidence abound and, on a song like ‘Belleza Cuatro’, a majesty unleashed. They’re the kind of band who always have a little left in the tank to surprise you. Why unleash all your tricks when you can slowly ease your way through?

Where the band truly impress is in the full flow moments such as on ‘La Maldicion Del Zisco’, where they tease out the melody against a formidable backdrop of rhythmic tension. Never quite exploding, the tenseness of the song keeps you on edge, forever waiting for that release. Indeed, it also becomes a failing as you wish at times that they do just go full throttle into whatever spaced out dimension they are heading. All in good time though, maybe on the next album.

Inerte is the kind of album that creeps up on you. It’s inbuilt familiarity brought on by the obvious influences enables you to fall in step with the band easy enough. Atavismo then continue to capture your attention through their measured approach to progression and progressive rock. Language restrictions may prevent them from truly breaking through, but in the world of space rock where the universal language is head music, they cannot fail. Another impressive release from them and we can only hope this rich seam continues.

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