The Painters by Animal Collective

Release date: February 17, 2017
Label: Domino

Those who can’t get enough of the baffling world only Animal Collective can produce are fortunate for the band’s often-done method of releasing companion pieces to their main studio albums. The phenomenal and wonderfully colourful world of Feels was followed up with the intriguing People, which simply offered more of the same as its predecessor, whilst the band’s breakthrough of Merriweather Post Pavilion was accompanied by the wonderful Fall Be Kind. After the somewhat polarizing release of Painting With, the band have offered its companion of The Painters, which across its short run-time of 13 minutes throws us back into the wonderfully bizarre, crazy and ‘Kinda Bonkers’ world of Animal Collective once again.

There’s something wonderfully ecstatic about that mind-set Animal Collective create with their music. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what’s really going on, whose doing what and when why they’re doing it all, but the result of their experimentation of genres spanning from psychadelia to pop results in something that is equally accessible and inaccessible in equal measure.

The Painters is of course no exception, and comes across as the quintessential Animal Collective music experience. If you’re waiting for yourself to understand it, it’ll most likely sound like a bombardment of colourful sounds, like someone throwing paint across a canvas with no care for the result. Though this reviewer feels if one just lets Animal Collective transport them to their weirdly idiosyncratic world, the place one finds themselves in just oozes a level of enjoyment that even a certain reviewer whose somewhat cynical of pop-music can’t help but enjoy.

Painting With certainly had its moments, but with it coming after one of Animal Collective’s more intense experimental releases, the whole experience just felt a little lacklustre, and one whose merits seemed over-shone by everything that failed to work. With the release of The Painters, whilst the EP certainly has its faults here and there, the overall result of the EP is one that just reminds this reviewer of what was so appealing about the band in the first place. The way in which they present something that is so uniquely them, something that’s so bizarre, incomprehensible and confusing whilst also being pure pop music is simply brilliant, if it’s the kind of thing that appeals to you.

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