Endless Grey by A Thousand Hours

Release date: March 17, 2017
Label: Self-Released

Endless Grey is the debut album by A Thousand Hours. One could hardly tell that this is their first album though. If Slowdive and The Cure were to collaborate, Endless Grey could possibly be the result of such a collaboration. This release is filled with signature dreamy, lush vocals, great guitar riffs, clear, incredible deep sounding bass lines, wonderful piano riffs and ambient keys and perfectly unobtrusive drum beats. All of these pieces are then masterfully effected with beautiful, often times, cavernous reverb. This four-piece band from Alaska self produced this release and was mastered by Greg Wilson of DKFM Shoegaze Radio.

There are 11 tracks on this release. The first track is the title track, ‘Endless Grey’. This lush soundscape is a great start to the album. Introducing the dreamy vocals of Red Collier and Demi Haynes and guest vocalist Mandy Clare (Courtesy of Lights That Change), who also sang on track, ‘B’. It’s haunting and beautiful.

The second track is simply titled, ‘B’. After a quick ambient intro, the track then starts with harp like guitar riff and ambient keys. This lasts for about a minute until the bass and drums kick in. Again, the vocals are dreamy and haunting and the repetitive guitar and piano really add to the mood of the track. The bass line in this release is exceptional, as also noted in the track, ‘Tender’. It is infectious.

The music set to the lyrics in ‘Ship’ is perfectly arranged. I imagined the boomy bass being the ship riding on the waves of delayed guitar. The voice of Red Collier being the wind, moving the ship along. The keys played in the track, ‘Moments’, was reminiscent of 80s style playing. It definitely carries the song through to the end, on a wonderful wave of sound.

This release had two instrumental tracks, ‘Hold’ and ‘Closure’. The piano in the track, ‘Hold’, in all it’s reverberated glory, was simple but beautiful. A great intermezzo, if you will. The next three tracks, ‘Down’, ‘Flood’ and ‘The Desolate Hour’ are each unique and great. Each track, a perfect partnership of infectious guitar riffs and bass lines, steady drum beats, haunting keys and dreamy vocals.

My favorite track in this release is ‘Rainy Days’, just narrowly beating out ‘Closure’. It’s a perfect union of guitar, bass and drums tied together by the vocals. The phaser effect really adds a psychedelic vibe to the track.

To end the musical journey is ‘Closure’, an instrumental track, as previously mentioned. It invokes head banging, with its Cure like guitar playing, heavy drum beat and boomy, infectious bass line. The rhythm section really gets the body moving.

From start to finish, this is a great debut album. The band has captured the essence of shoegaze, continuing the lush and dreamy soundscapes fans know and love.

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