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Holland’s most notorious rock musicians have gathered to form Dool, a dark rock band featuring bassist Job van de Zande and drummer Micha Haring from celebrated cult rocker The Devil’s Blood and the country’s most infamous rock singer, Ryanne van Dorst (Elle Bandita). Rounded out by guitarists Nick Polak (Gold) and Reinier Vermeulen (The New Media), Dool radiates an undeniable raw energy and has created a distinct and dynamic sound right from the start. The band will release its debut album, Here Now, There Then, on February 17 via Prophecy Productions.

Our editor Sander listened to the album a couple of times: “Ever since I saw Dool at Roadburn Festival last year I have been waiting for this album with huge anticipation. It’s such a good rock album, which exposes deeper layers with each listen and I wouldn’t be surprised if Here Now, There Then will end up on many End of the Year lists. I’m extremely happy to see my home country’s rock scene doing so well lately and with this album Dool should get the global recognition it deserves.”

We are proud to bring you the track premiere of ‘Golden Serpents’, which you can listen to below. “Golden Serpents is a song about escapism through hallucinogens,” says Ryanne. “A friend told me about her visions of golden snakes in the trees, and it reminded me of my youth in small town suburbia, where we used to take drugs excessively to escape the boredom of every day teenage life.”

Here Now, There Then is available for pre-order through here.

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