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On March 20 Aluk Todolo will release Archive Vol 1. on Temple of Torturous Records, which is comprised of rarities, B-sides, and unheard tracks that chart the first ten years of the band’s existence. Hailing from France, the exploratory trio get experimental with krautrock drenched in black metal intensity. Whilst having never been able to be easily pigeonholed, Aluk Todolo’s sound has morphed and reshaped over the years.

Of the new release, the band commented: “We selected those tracks, because they were still in our consciousness after all these years. We approached the release as a whole, assembled the tracks focussing on dynamic, like we did for our latest studio album Voix (instead of making it chronological). For us it’s a way to revisit our 10 first years, and use recordings we made on our own, be it rehearsal tracks, or work-in-progress steps, rare tracks releases or just experimentations. It’s a collection, and here is Vol.1, we have no clear plan about the Vol. 2, but time will tell.”

Aluk Todolo will is on tour in the US throughout February with Insect Ark before they return to Europe to tour with Oranssi Pazuzu, including a stop at Roadburn Festival where they will perform their previous full-length album Voix in full on Saturday, April 22 at the 013 venue.

Listen to an excerpt of side A of Archive Vol 1. here: 

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