Crack An Egg by POW!

Release date: February 17, 2017
Label: Castle Face Records

San Franciscan synth punk noisesters, POW! can cause an almighty racket with their buzzsaw riffs and at times incendiary live show. Anyone lucky to have seen them live will surely remember the spontaneous outburst of moshing that they generate from a sound a million miles away from anything you would call heavy generally. More in tune with the post-punk electronic kids than grinding guitar riffs, POW! nonetheless stir up a fuss.

It is something a surprise that they manage to convey such a heady mess into their studio settings too, considering the clean nature of the instruments in use. The day-glo synth on speed sound which errs more towards pop than industrial is an unusual mix which sounds both future and 80’s retro (retro-futurism?). Throw in a penchant for political lyrics and you have a curious amalgamation of the Human League meets Crass. Not bad for a four piece from the West Coast of the USA. Music travels far.

Crack An Egg starts at full throttle with the explosive ‘DNS’ with it’s incessant synths worming its way into your conscience. It doesn’t let up from the off and aside for one moment of brief reflection, no doubt as the band gather their breath for the final onslaught, you are thrown into a cavalcade of synthetic noises, all packaged up in some dystopian euphoria. This is disco for the dark days, a future music made to rip your senses.

‘Back On The Grid’ offers up some neat vocal to and fro-ing which bring to mind Mates Of State, ‘Necessary Call’ starts with a clarion call before exploding into a rumbling bass riff and doesn’t let up, it’s punk heart channelling The Buzzcocks whilst ‘Runner’ provides that brief respite before the main course.

The main course is delivered up by a tinkling piano giving away to discordant sounds as ‘Crack An Egg intro’ rumbles into life. Here POW! throw in their political shapes on ‘Colour The System’, explore cyber-terrorism on ‘Cyberattack #3’ and finally leave us with their own omelette of noise with through the title track. By then you are more than glad that you have been released from the intensity.

And that’s how POW! work best, in small intense doses that attack your senses leaving you resolutely tired. In these days of short bursts of information, POW! take a hardcore punk ethic, dress it up in a futuristic sound, mellow it with some day-glo melodies then let it loose. On paper it sounds frightening, in reality its a whole bundle of fun. Crack An Egg is not a perfect listen, it’s incessant drilling does get a little boring at times. When they are on form though, it is a glorious sound. Give it a listen then check out their live show, that’s where they really excel

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