Many music fans still mourn the disbanding of one of the most revered bands of the 90s. That band was Nirvana. And they were a colossal act for sure, a trio that catapulted into super-stardom rapidly. Lead by the enigmatic soul that was Kurt Cobain, they shook the scene with intricate songs that described disenchantment and feelings of self-loathing. The band grew beyond the skin of normality, rising above other bands that tried to make it. They became superstars of a generation too, inspiring many upstarts to create art. Their ambitions also rubbed off on the kids that felt the burdens of alienation.

As the fame flourished, Cobain cascaded into a world of drugs and hopelessness. He was walking on his broken worth, and then subsiding into a whirlwind of depression and self-hate. His short life was documented thoroughly, and he was a celebrity, who hated that status with deep repent. He wanted to make music, predominately. He wanted his voice heard, but couldn’t take to the rich, fame ridden lifestyle. He was also a consoled and intelligent individual, breaking boundaries with everything he offered to the music world.

Nirvana as a trio, was a band of warriors. Bassist Kris Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl, added their slant, and it worked perfectly. And in 1991 the band released a collection of songs which created a storm of greatness. The album was named Nevermind, and it became the record that many teens confided in.

To this day, the record is still a monumental piece of musical wonderment. It is a dark, melancholic, tour de force, made with unbelievable care and attention. Songs such as ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and ‘Lithium’ still strike pleasure into the hearts of the scoundrels and peacekeepers alike. But, Cobain’s untimely death in 1994 sent shock-waves through the musical world. Many people were left scarred by it, and it was truly a harsh day for music and Nirvana.

After the dark day, Nirvana became defunct. But their legacy has lived on. Their music is something of an enigma, it has been drawn from heartache and deep depressive memories, but it’s loved beyond compare. The question is. If Nirvana was a band in these times, how big would they be? Would they be in the frame with the bands of the moment, legends of the scene, coordinators of the grunge movement? They probably would be.

There is no denying the fact if Nirvana was an act still creating music, then we would have arena and stadium gods. Their influence is magical just from the impact that they made in 90s. And many bands swear by Nirvana’s prominence.Those acts have gone on to become major players in the music industry. Bands such as Pearl Jam and Green Day (who released their masterstroke Dookie in 1994) have broken the latch to world acclaim. Those bands are clearly influenced by Nirvana and their input.

Drummer Dave Grohl has gone on to create Foo Fighters. An act which have produced some of the most memorable songs of this generation. They’ve powered on, and Grohl has implemented his own voice and lyrics to steer the band to stalwart fame. But, if Cobain was still alive, would he want Nirvana to hit the road that leads to world domination? Would his heart be in it? That’s what boggles many critics and music fans. He was a socially awkward and shy man, deeply rooted in his own ways.

And if Nirvana never existed, we wouldn’t have the music term grunge or the beauty of Heart Shaped Box.

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