Teenage Graveyard Party EP by Heavy Baby Sea Slugs

Release date: January 21, 2017
Label: Heavy Baby records

Hailing from Texas, Heavy Baby Sea Slugs are an experimental punk band with elements of sludge and metal in their sound and a healthy sense of avant-garde noise and an acerbic sense of humour in amongst their abrasive sound. The bands latest release, Teenage Graveyard Party EP is four tracks of vitriolic punk rock with an abundance of disregard for usual punk cliches.

Opening track ‘King Midas Of Shit’ starts with a shimmering guitar line before literally exploding into a hardcore maelstrom of noise and chaos that sounds like more off the wall bands like early Butthole Surfers or Scratch Acid, but with an extra edge of chaos as the song slows down to a grinding crawl and then speeds up and explodes again.

The band tear through the song with a stop start mix of energy and this gets the EP off to a great start. The title track follows and is a Cramps-esque crawl initially that oozes with menace and spite from both vocalist M. Kozminski and the rest of the band and features more disorderly musical action and mocking lyrics, especially the sarcastic declaration that “All my friends are dead” right at the end of the song. The hard hitting stomp of ‘Pit Bait’ morphs into something akin to black metal mixed with noise rock and despite that sounding weird, it definitely works for this track and adds another sense of that oft kilter nature of the music of Heavy Baby Sea Slugs.

The EP ends with the crushing ‘Zero-One’, a sludgey dirge that transcends a traditional musical format and has a life of its own and a wicked sense of humour that the band do so well and rounds things off on the EP in the best way possible.

Heavy Baby Sea Slugs have made an EP here that gets better with each listen and you will find something a little bit different with every time you put it on. Hopefully a full length album of distorted noise and chaos from the band will be forthcoming soon as their caustic humour and vibrant energy is definitely needed.

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