The Green Decay by Everyday Dust

Release date: October 31, 2016
Label: Sparklewood Records

Everyday Dust released his second full length album via Sparkwood Records last October. This album was inspired by a collection of fantasy and horror short stories entitled, ‘The Inhabitant Of The Lake and Less Welcome Tenants’, written by Ramsey Campbell and by his own personal explorations of forests and lakes close to his home. In his explorations, he made field recordings which were also used in the album. Before I knew any of this though I could have sworn this could be the soundtrack to the next Blade Runner movie. Listening to this album reminded me of the synth stylings of Vangelis mixed with the electronic genius of Pauline Oliveros. It’s a carefully crafted soundscape and although it created a feeling of dread and darkness, the creativity and amazing use of synth sounds cut through that layer of emotion.

The first track, ‘The Green Decay’, starts with what sounds like an animal or bird call followed by a pan-flute/ synth like sound. A low drone begins and other synth layers are added in full chord layers. Tubular bells resound at intervals. With ‘Moss’, the sounds are low to the ground, slow and steady. Modulated sounds abound. The drone carries a sadness/dread with it.

The track, ‘Colossus’ begins with rustling of leaves. A low and menacing drone begins. Almost halfway the organ is played only adding to the eerie and menacing atmosphere being created in this track. The synth sounds are incredible.

The heaviness of the last track is lifted with ‘Where Light Fails’. Still dark but airy at the same time, which seems a contradiction in regards to the title of the track. The field recordings can be heard a lot more in this track. In ‘Roots’, bird calls and rustling lead the way. In what seems the first time in this album, a percussive element is introduced. The rustling continues. I find that the sounds of the forest really come through on this track. The beat drives the track forward at a faster pace and, as the track started, it ends with the rustling and bird calls.

‘Lichen Chronicles’ is the last track on the album. A drone and modulated tubular bells start. A beat begins and the bells are now effected with delay. A melody is played out with synth sounds playing over top. The ending to this track is very cool, slowing everything down and continues on tubular bells until fade out.

If I have the opportunity, I’d really like to listen to the album while reading the book that helped inspire this album. I’m sure it will be a completely different experience all together.

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