Psychometric Testing By... by Casual Nun

Release date: March 10, 2017
Label: Box Records

Casual Nun continue their exploration of all things dark, heavy and psych on this second album, Psychometric Testing By…. All tumultuous sounds hurtling through a cavernous echo chamber, the band dissect what it means to be psychedelic and discover a new-found jamming ethic. If you thought their debut was good, you haven’t heard anything yet.

‘Tusk’ is the cacophonous opener which unsettles, unnerves and throws you direct into the mosh pit. It’s psychedelic punk, a bastardised version of the Black Keys on crack, devolving the blues into a straight jugular attack. There is no structure, just a chaotic noise, wrapped up in ribbons and a bow saying here, take this. We have only just begun.

‘Everyman’s Folly’ takes it down a level to those places where few dare to tread. A bleak uncomfortable trawl through a twisted underground, Casual Nun exude a terrifying confidence as they forget any standard rules and follow their own path. The throbbing end/beginning of ‘Truth Machines’ taking the band further down a free form route.

This is jam band music taken to heavier extremes where the trip is in the ever devolving sounds. They break off from each other to create ever new and stranger sounds. Almost as if the music falls apart, nothing seems clear and the only guide is the incessant melody leading us straight back up again.

‘Xiphoid Revolution’ almost sounds normal after that yet its industrial stomp creates a juddering beast which slowly unravels into a fucked up whirlpool of bleak noises. ‘Stripes’ is even more disturbing as the distorted vocals take the atmosphere down to depraved levels. The incessant bass rattles your chest cage whilst the drums perform jazz workouts in the background. It’s an unsettling yet vital listen from a band completely unafraid to take their music where-ever they want.

Coming so soon of the back of their excellent debut, this is an extraordinarily confident piece of music which takes their sound into ever different avenues. Seemingly on a path to completely devolve what you expect from a heavy psych band, the introduction of a free form element makes these a very exciting proposition indeed. Casual Nun come from that part of the psych underground which is unlikely to ever break through into the mainstream, but they sound all the better for it. If anyone ever tries to convince you that there is no interesting new music these days, point them to this band. This is the true sound of the UK psych underground.

Listen to the exclusive stream of ‘Everyman’s Folly’ here:

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