Interview: Black Mirrors

'We would like to record and release a full album within a year. This time, we would like to work with a producer on it. But more important for us is to play as many shows as possible.

Brussels four-piece Black Mirrors are set to release their debut for Napalm Records, Funky Queen, on the 3rd of March. They are forged in classic early 1970’s blues rock with a stoner/grunge rock injection of Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Nirvana and Soundgarden for good measure. About to undertake their first tour, opening – up for Horisont, will see them perform further afield outside of their native Belgium for the first time. Vocalist Marcella Di Troia and guitarist Pierre Lateur kindly took time out for Echoes to give us a lowdown on their formation, current EP, and future intentions.

(((o))): Can you tell us how the band formed and the band’s story so far?

Marcella: During the summer of 2013, I wanted to create a female band. I found a drummer and a bass player, but had some difficulties to find a female guitar player. I was searching for somebody who had Pierre’s technique and sound. I couldn’t find a girl who could do that. So, Pierre joined the band to play the guitar. After some jamming, we wanted to work harder and to start to write our own songs but the girls didn’t have time to invest in the project. So we forgot the idea to have an (almost) female band and invited two old friends, Gino and Edouard to join the band as bass player and drummer. We recorded our first EP and did our first gigs with this line up late 2013.

(((o))): What are the band’s key influences?

Marcella: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Queens Of The Stone Age, Led zeppelin, Nirvana, Colour Haze, Kyuss, all Jack White’s stuffs like Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, The White Stripes,…

(((o))): How does the song-writing process take shape in the band?

Pierre: Most of the time I create basic ideas like a riff or two, a melody and show it to Marcella. We work together on the first draft composing the melody and working on the structure. Then we finish the song with the band, giving the tune his final form. At this point, we often create new parts, remove others, jamming around the sound. Sometimes the song’s final version is totally different than the first idea because of all this process with the full band.

(((o))): How did the Napalm Records deal happen?

Marcella: During summer 2015 we were invited to play in Germany at Out and Loud festival. Napalm was there as they opened the festival with a Napalm label night. Some of Napalm’s bands played there and they found us a slot to play. That was our first contact. We stayed in touch with them for a year and last summer we sent them our new songs. They liked it and Napalm offered us a deal

(((o))): Can you tell us details about the recording of the Funky Queen EP e.g. the producer, where it was recorded, etc?

Marcella: We recorded it a year ago, at Studio Pyramide, which is a studio in the south of Brussels. We did it ourselves with Ulysse Wauthier, our sound engineer. No producer.

(((o))): The EP cover is designed by Sebastian Jerke who has designed album covers for Greenleaf and My Sleeping Karma. How did this come about?

Marcella: We found out about Sebastian as he had already worked with quite a lot of other bands. We got in touch with him and he appeared to have several great ideas for the artwork. We told the story about the band and the songs and he came up with the current artwork. We love it!

(((o))): You are about to go on the road as support to Horisont and a few of your own headline shows. Are you hoping to get to play in the UK?

Pierre: Yes, we can’t wait to get on the road for this tour, which will be our very first tour outside of Belgium and The Netherlands. Of course, it would be a blast to come and play in the UK! We are really, looking forward to doing this one day!

(((o))): Can you reveal any future-plans or intentions for the band after the upcoming tour?

Marcella: We would like to record and release a full album within a year. This time, we would like to work with a producer on it. But more important for us is to play as many shows as possible.

Thank you very much for having us, Andy!”

Check out Black Mirrors website and Facebook page for full tour details.


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