No More Mr Bad Guy by Bad Guys

Release date: February 2, 2017
Label: Hominid Sounds

“No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man, to be the sad man”, here we celebrate the life of Bad Guys; the baddest mothertruckers on the planet. It’s a bittersweet experience to have to write-up this swan song, knowing it’s the last release we’ll get from the group, but the fact of the matter is that we get to hear this awesome parting gift, rather than band just proverbially emptying their bowels and leaving us only with a horrified expression.

Fans of the band will take solace in hearing that the band left us with meaty, colossal riffs, hilarious witticisms and bold messages for the world. The Brothers Murray fondly remember Bad Guys as the band that brought audiences everywhere a Tonka truck, only to find out that the scamps had pilfered it; always proud of their badiciousness, they were quick to admit that they used crime and that they were criminals. On, this last tome, Bad Guys reveal more candid badness to us as only they could, here we find out that the story of Bad Guys is about the simple pleasures in life; as an appointed and likely unwanted/uninterested religious figure would say at a funeral about the dearly departed, they were a band of simple truths perhaps the Bad Guys said it best themselves here when they sang in Cordyceps “he likes it runny, he drinks it down”. This powerful love song like many proves that everyone loves a bad boy, but a bad guy is some next level shit: “I want inside your head so much it makes me lose my mind, I long to feel your tender touch my fragile Valentine, nobody sees you like I do, no one can please you like I do”.

The Bad Guys were always the first to talk about the real issues, but in this last testament they strike society at its core in landmark songs such as ‘Dickhead For Love’ and ‘Weed Money’, which discuss arguably the only common ground in society; the fool-hardy pursuit of love and physical affection and of course, the procuring of monetary gain to exchange for cannabis in a difficult economy. What better way to explain to your Valentine this February your feelings than this universal message they leave us with? I think I speak for all of us when I say that, I too am a dickhead for love…and that I have to spend my weed money on bullshit too.

As I wrote to Rich Collins earlier today, trying to convey my mixed emotions of fondness and grief: “this is some sad shit, it’s hard to write about the passing of such a beloved band”, but the Bad Guys will live on inside everyone one of us in their music and this final memento contains some of their finest offerings to date. It’s cathartic to be able to attempt to sum this up, but their riffs, their pounding rhythm section and their bad ass guitar solos will likely offer some measure of comfort to broken fans in this darkest of hours.

The band left with us these parting words “weed money”, “weed money”, “weed money”, “weed money”, “weed money”, “weed money” and I think that’s something for all us to think about, at this saddest, baddest of times. Bad Guys, I shall tip my joint at half-mast to you.

No More Mr Bad Guy is available to buy digitally from Thursday 2nd February from the Hominid Sounds Bandcamp page.

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