Takitum Tootem! by The Ruins of Beverast

Release date: January 27, 2017
Label: Ván Records

In two new tracks, the bold direction of experimental black metal artisans The Ruins of Beverast makes manifest in revelation, as their new EP, Takitum Tootem! shows black metal breaking barriers in the perception of what the future holds for the expansion of the black metal template.

Mind-expansive, innovative and generally, a work of near-genius awaits the listener of Takitum Tootem!. The Ruins of Beverast are clearly intended for a destiny much greater than revering and paying tribute to raw, primitive black metal. In its discography holds wondrous black metal music of worthy idolatry for trve black metal followers, such as Rain Upon the Impure, and Foul Semen of a Sheltered Elite. Takitum Tootem! either shows an exciting new direction for The Ruins of Beverast, or it aptly explores a theme with two songs before it presents black metal of a new innovative form on their next album.

Tribal fusion mixes with modern Max Richter-style soundtrack music and melodic, original black metal guitar. This reminds me just what the movie Blade Runner was missing on its eponymous soundtrack created by new age music guru Vangelis. That would be the tribal percussion that The Ruins of Beverast uses here with great efficacy. It sets the foundation for all other instruments on the EP, including the impressive use of flute, keyboards and others.

Yes, there’s chanting, and more than ever, The Ruins of Beverast validates the perception of black metal being sacred music of an entirely different variety from classical sacred works. In particular, the repetitive rhythms help listeners induce ideative trance-like states that hint at expansive art indigenous to ethnic cultures and civilizations. The two tracks do sound like séance music, and dare I say this vision quest is also some of The Ruins of Beverast’s most imaginative music to date.

I only have good things to say about Takitum Tootem! so do experience black metal catharsis with a listen. The intro and outro are just as compelling, with bleating sounds merging with chanting and strange vocalizations. Fans can only compliment themselves by revealing their fondness for black metal such as this. What is black metal? Sacred music for the devil? Sacred music in whatever form or fashion. This is essential listening. This is meditative. Takitum Tootem! is revelatory!

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