The Men That Would Not Be Blamed For Nothing at East Village Arts Club

Support: Andrew O Neill| Novacrow
November 10, 2016 at East Village Arts Club
Promoter: East Village Arts Club

I’d briefly caught local act Novacrow at a show last year and enjoyed them, and in a short space of time they seem to have really upped their game. A confident set from the Liverpool four piece as they quickly ran through a half hour set of classic hard rock and they got an appreciative response from the crowd that had gathered early. Another example of a vibrant scene that they have been s staple of of for a couple of years.

Andrew O’ Neill did a short stand up set next. Opening with a parody of Pearl Jam’s ‘Jeremy’ (covering various famous Jeremy’s) he ran through a selection of material he has been working on recently (including one song that he was working on before the show). A couple of jokes got a delayed response from the crowd and we were punished by a particularly harsh Jimmy Savile joke. A really good comic, one that we shall hopefully be seeing a lot more of in the near future.

The Men That Would Not Be Blamed For Nothing (TMTWNBBFN from now on) hit the stage and immediately set about building the atmosphere that had grown throughout the evening. Decked out in full Victorian, the four piece proved they are far from a mere comedy gimmick, mixing humorous lyrics and onstage banter with some seriously good musicianship. Playing a variety of tracks from each of their releases, an effortlessly catchy mix of songs about engineering, 19th century diseases and other topics from that era. Frontman Andy Heintz (just about visible on the dark stage between his top hat and, cape and make up) struck an imposing figure leading his troupe through a punk and metal fuelled history lesson. Bassist Marc Burrows took later on in the set to play a track from his Before Victoria side project before the rest of the band returned to finish the set. They finished with an encore that featured a brilliant cover of the Kinks ‘Victoria’ before a rousing rendition of their own tribute to Isembard Kingdom Brunel, which got a got a fair amount of the crowd singing along.

TMTWNBBFN are a real interesting prospect right now. An unusual combination of style and subject matter, great musicians who don’t take things too seriously, making for a highly entertaining show (thats also quite education depending on your prior knowledge of Victorian England).


Dead Ringer – Inheritors Power – Miner – Charlie – The Great Stink – Supply & Demand – Poor George – Steph(v)enson – Princess Charlotte – A Clean Sweep – The House Is Not Haunted – How I Became An Orphan – Victoria’s Secret – Margate – Victoria – Brunel

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