Spiders by Spotlights

Release date: December 9, 2016
Label: Self-released

Brooklyn band Spotlights mash up dream pop, shoegaze, metal, and post rock and successfully kick out the jams with some righteous riffing. Witness the cool opening track to this EP, ‘A Box of Talking Heads’. It manages to inhabit all these musical spaces and creates something unique. This track stays with me long after it’s faded away, the mark of a successful song.

‘She Spider’ is a Mew cover that captures the spirit of the original but spins its own musical web. It’s expansive, cinematic, and explodes with energy. Vocals are clean and float over massive walls of guitar. Mew tends to skew toward prog, but these folks usher in some diamond hard sonics. It all works marvelously!

‘Joseph (Aaron Harris Re-Mix)’ unfolds with spacey grandeur. Like a slow rolling wave, the listener experiences glimmers of light darting through the mix and it all comes off like something Hammock would be proud to call their own. In short, this is a neat EP from the talented husband and wife team of Mario and Sarah Quintero. Well worth a listen for discerning ears.

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