Part II by Reserving Dirtnaps

Release date: December 9, 2016
Label: Self-Released

Memphis has always been a musical city, right from its beginnings as both the birthplace of rock n roll and home of the blues to producing everything from Southern rock to platinum selling hip hop like Three Six Mafia. One type of music from the city though, that has always been under then radar is hardcore, but Reserving Dirtnaps are doing their hardest to create a buzz in their hometown and beyond with their metallic take on hardcore and with this EP they are going the right way about it.

Bands mixing hardcore and death metal is not done well that often, but Reserving Dirtnaps who have cited genre masters Madball  and Obituary as influences on their sound do it as good as it gets and while the merging of these two particular bands might seem like a bit of a dichotomy at first, it isn’t in the slightest (Obituary have toured with both Madball and Agnostic Front back in the early 90s and have a similar groove to both of those bands). They take that low slung metal groove that Obituary have and combine it with the hardcore fury of Madball, add in the fact that vocalist Brandon has a guttural singing style reminiscent of John Tardy’s, albeit with a higher amount of energy and you have a winning recipe for heaviness.

The band’s eponymous anthem kicks off this new EP and it is obvious that the band are going straight for the jugular with their brutal brand of hardcore and even with one listen to Part II, the passion of their music is palpable. Razor sharp riffs and full on beatdowns are the order of the day here with songs like the grooving ‘Total War’ and ‘Slip To Dust’ providing the hardcore energy. The whole thing has an infectious nature about it from start to finish and also has a very “live” feel about it without sounding too raw or at the total opposite of sounding too overproduced. In fact the production is spot on and one listen to songs like ‘Locked In’ and ‘Disposed To Remain’ confirms this and completes the band’s sound perfectly and this is something that continues through the whole of Part II.

As the EP concludes with the pounding ‘Withdraw‘, it is obvious that the whole thing has just flown by in a maelstrom of furious energy and also that this is a lesson in well executed brutality and it’s obvious that the band have the songs as well as the energy to make repeated listens a must do.

Reserving Dirtnaps have upped the ante with this EP and it is obvious they are a band with a bright future and I can’t wait to hear a full length album from the Memphis hardcore titans.

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