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Founded by Benjamin Linz and Sebastian Fischbeck in the winter of 2015, Berlin based post-black metal Band Ånd released its debut album Aeternus in late 2016 on This Charming Man Records. Benjamin and Sebastian had the idea to create a black metal and punk influenced band standing in the tradition of artists like Terra Tenebrosa, Secrets of the Moon or Helrunar. Add a pinch of doom and ambient and you’ll get the picture. In the beginning of 2016 Sebastian Grimberg and Jan Korbach completed the line-up to play the first shows and record Aeternus at Hidden Planet Studios in Berlin (Sun Worship, The Ocean, Abest). Aeternus tells a desolate story of deprivation and struggle – the myth about a woman, longing for happiness in a world of sacrifice ages ago.

Check out the new video for the track ‘Niedertracht’ (directed by Sebastian Fischbeck) here:

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