A man at work was selling his collection of albums, that he had amassed over the course of 30 or 40 years. By the time I answered his ad he had one gem left, The Killing Moon by Echo & The Bunnymen. We got to talking about music and he said that he might have more albums I might be interested in. A few months later, he got back to me with Origato Plastico by Plastics. Since I was into New Wave music he thought I might like it. I was definitely excited to get the album home and listen to it.

This early 80s New Wave band came from Japan and Origato Plastico was the band’s second album. The thing is, if you were to hear this album on the radio today you wouldn’t know they were from the 80s. With tracks like ‘Peace’ and ‘Park’, their music is as relevant today as it was then. Their music was forward thinking in both their instrumentation and lyrics, as most New Wave bands are.

The instrumentation is what I listened to first. In general, the album is upbeat using consistent drum beats and groovin’ guitar and keys. I found that the tracks on the A side seem to meld into one with only slight variations between each, with the exception of the track ‘Back to: Wigtown’. The B side is what I enjoyed the most. In ‘Dance in thé Metal, the track mashes a polka drum beat to surf style guitar playing adding, what sounds like, a Theremin sound into the mix. At the end, the use of the xylophone is eerie and well positioned in the song. The track that follows, ‘Interior’, is an ambient-psychedelic piece. The album then ends on the track ‘Desolate’ with a Cha Cha influence! The B side is so diverse that I had to listen to it several times, it was that good.

When you first listen to the lyrics they sound nonsensical, using words such as eggplant, poached egg, Xmas card and cunt. Lyrically speaking, listening to the album for the very first time left me bewildered. After reading the lyrics I realized, for the most part, that the lyrics touched upon things such as consumerism, community and relationships. The track ‘Cards’ is refreshingly blunt (I will leave it to you to see for yourself!)

This album is a definite gem.

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