Utter the Tongue of the Dead by Void Meditation Cult

Release date: October 31, 2016
Label: Hell's Headbangers

Is  sacred music for the occult your type of holiday music? Seek and you shall find. Void Meditation Cult is back with another release care of Hell’s Headbangers Records called Utter the Tongue of the Dead. Doom tempos resplendent, double-kick drums in their arsenal, Void Meditation Cult lurch and seethe Satan’s vehemence through ten tracks of slow and at times uptempo black metal. No matter what your occult ideology, Void Meditation Cult has the recipe for a glorious sermons. Guaranteed.

Like Sunday Services, Utter the Tongue of the Dead sets the ambience for a ritual in decrepit underground tunnels. Subtle ringing melodies resound in the background. Ambient music accompanies most tracks. The guitars are fuzzy more than thin, deadly-sharp and icy, and the vocals gurgle like a corpse bellowing underneath the murky stagnant tarn. Another nice touch is the use of whispered vocals to complement the hoarse gurgling.

I think I hear keyboards during the ambient sections at times, usually after the vocals cease and the guitars slow down drastically. The album is a good listen when a listener might sit comfortably with the lights dimmed, and candles are lit. The rung notes are different here, echoing without reverb much like clean guitar plucked staccato-style, quite similar to that in medieval lute music.

Utter the Tongue of the Dead is really enjoyable for underground music fans who like music fitting for sermons. Most tracks end quickly, and the songwriting is consistent for lovers of Black Mass musical accompaniment. Perhaps more telling as seance music for darkness, Void Meditation Cult’s Utter the Tongue of the Dead is underground fodder for serious occultists or parties with some deep interest in the mysteries of death. No highlight tracks, as this is not meant as catchy, headbang-friendly metal, Utter the Tongue of the Dead is largely comprised of imaginative and innovative music, without the songs morphing endlessly unto cessation, aimlessly galloping from one trodden tempo to a blast section and back. The songs are actually rather simple, but effective. The chants are stellar and the atmosphere created by the music is just dark enough for a meditative rite of passage. So defile and devour Void Meditation Cult’s Utter the Tongue of the Dead. You won’t regret it.

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