Sunshine, Maybe by Tired Tape Machine

Release date: October 28, 2016
Label: Feeder Recordings

This EP is the hidden gem of the year; a completely side-sweeping, timeless collection. I was caught completely off-guard and by surprise by how magnificent this fucking was, thanks be to Dan Salter for pulling yet another great selection out of his labyrinthian submissions pile.

From the opening roll of beautifully well-produced snares in ‘Känselbortfall’ it’s clear that this is gonna be good, the deserty guitar chords introspectively chime in intricate melodies imbued with a sense of timelessness; this could easily be the theme to a Spaghetti Western if it weren’t for its sombre undertone and its melancholy use of cinematic pads.

The glimmering keys and road-scraping atmospherics in the title track initially remind me of the excellent Brightblack Morning Light’s ‘Everybody Daylight’ and whilst the proggy sliding guitars separate it further into its own unique voice, its initial vocal melody will endear fans of the former to the latter nicely. However, what makes this even better is that the track features dual serenading vocals that endow an irresistible calm into the track, in a weird way it reminds me of Hurricane Neddy, the episode of The Simpsons were Ned Flanders goes insane and ends up in a are post-breakdown listening to hula music. Tired Tape Machine effortlessly capture that sense of relaxation after a storm like a heavy sleep after a night of hard rain or a sleeping child after a tantrum; there is a sense of blissful exhaustion that in a sleazier sense is even similar to the aftermath of an orgasm. (teehee).

Following some alluring sound effects, the cinematic synths from the first track return with the slow beat of worn drums once again crafting a Grails-esque desert landscape burning off the impurities with an extreme level of skill in ‘Five’. The deep, ritualistic chorus chants minimal vocalisations atop a glistening sparsity; everything shines, nothing needs further development. This is magnificent.

‘Lost Sleep’ takes the album in a new direction with a menacing piano conflicting with an imposing bass sound to create a horror-twinged intro that quickly melds into a burning sense of retribution as the instrumentation develops. Various elements with in the track feel as though they are flying past at great speeds like vultures swooping down on fallen victims against the harsh sun. Each echo of the drum a beaten brow, a dehydrated step further into uncertainty, yet the last gasp never arrives, it is simply held overhead.

‘Pull The Strings’ begins as an esoteric acoustic track, but quickly sprawls out into something even more unique as it builds further. The strange piece seems like it was written on another planet. The unravelling of the track is particularly beautiful and yet it seems inexplicably extraterrestrial as though each wooshing note it some tractor beam or vortex channeling music from elsewhere.

The final track on the EP is ‘Blind Spot’ and it is an awesome amalgamation of the collection’s elements into a fiery conclusion; piercing piano work, mysterious guitars, euphonic oscillating synthesizers, this is an instantly captivating and once-again filmic listen.

This is absolute bliss, it is unbelievable. I am really excited to hear more from this band and will be listening to their other releases immediately after sending this off.

Released 28th October buy it, buy it now.

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