Behind The Lids by Gnod & Anthony Childs

Release date: October 5, 2016
Label: Tesla Tapes

A narcotic haze from the wider minds behind Gnod & Anthony Childs, two tracks of foreboding psychedelic ambience adrift in a cerebral ocean, lost in a celestial tide.

‘Part 1’ sets the tone with light crackles hissing like a still spinning record in a distorted aural landscape. Ambient waves wash over the listener bathing the ears in a calm, something lurks beneath the surface; something lingers in the distance. Hypnotic rumbles and infinite resonance; perception of time slowed down to the point where it is unrecognisable. I imagine myself confined to the bed, paralysed by opiates burdened by some gargantuan pain on the horizon line though I forget what it is to be in pain in this moment, it’s all a daze. Beautiful wind chimes beckon through darkness like candlelight it’s all disassociation and misery, this relaxation comes at a price but I am a feather drifting through the dirt, liberated for a moment. Albeit brief it seems to last forever.

The pain is a memory and everything is numb like sitting in a hot bath for too long, dizzied but at peace. Mundane sounds set the warped cerebrum alight with curiosity, this unusual perspective colours everything in a way I’ve never known. Everything is a ripple undulating on a never ending loop, each delicate hum begins to reside within me, seeping in through every previously discarded source of sound. Pipes and radiators, distant machinery, immediate yet previously undetected sounds from the body now permeating through everything the corpus choir of my own drifting existence. A sweet serenade through the heart of hurt that converts the world to a soothing tone in which everything is a pad crafting an ambient lullaby for someone at a point of absolute delicacy.

‘Part 2’ moves through the looking glass with a calming voice oscillating around the mix, melancholy takes centre stage. Somber tones struggle against tape hiss. Were it not for the overwhelming sense of sadness this meant be reminiscent of Stars of the Lid as it stands it is a soul-crushing collapse build on a dizzying amalgamation of weighty ambient elements all of which add to the sense of helplessness and disassociation. If Part 1 conjures medication, Part 2 conveys insuppressible pain. Like falling forever watching the ground always seeming closer but the inevitable never arrives. Each desolate tone, each hopeless timbre a bold declaration; there is no escape. In such simple measures the track delivers a sparse yet unbearable misery. Drawing to a close, dissonant electronics explode into the track like a nervous system shutting down behind oblivious eyes. Rumbles in the deep grow increasingly violent palpitating like some vicious heart attack before slowly eroding away. The result is tremendously saddening and deeply engrossing.

Behind The Lids is a powerful ambient collection plunging into the heart of darkness and returning some of the bleakest sounds I’ve ever heard which in 2016 is especially impressive but also apt.

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