Hymns For The Broken, Swollen and Silent by Gnaw Their Tongues

Release date: December 9, 2016
Label: Consouling Sounds

Mories’ latest aural atrocity screams of pain and all the sickeningly sweet horror the nightmare god has conjured up over his extensive back catalogue. From droning, lurking pieces of torturous art, that wouldn’t be out of place in the most horrific of movie soundtracks, to crushing and blackened metal symphonies orchestrated and performed on the severed tendons of misery, Mories’ Gnaw Their Tongues has been the audial essence of your worst thoughts made flesh. The imagery, the savagery and the therapy that comes from listening to any of his creations are part and parcel of what makes his flagship band Gnaw Their Tongues so devilishly good. Mories quite simply produces mind-fuck music that creeps into your head and plays its disturbing vision to your soul.

Gnaw Their Tongues is a diverse entity, ever changing and summoned into the world whenever the dark of heart are feeling too sunshiny about life. Gnaw Their Tongues drag you through Hell and back and leave you frightened and thrilled, mortified and breathless, just in the same way horror buffs crave that one perfect scare. One of the biggest challenges for any band is the ability to put the spade into the dirt and break new hallowed ground and with new release Hymns For The Broken, Swollen and Silent Gnaw Their Tongues have again spat in the face of convention and turned what is at its heart black metal into another monsterpiece altogether. Strap yourself into your straight jacket and make sure the lights are off because it’s time for Mories’ latest vision to consume your being.

The album starts with ‘Hold High The Banners Of Truth Among The Swollen’ with its low droning disturbance and gentle tapping of skins, as if testing the pain threshold with a few thrashes. Freddy Krueger Elm Street-esque fuckery stings the ear and scrambling drum beats lead you down a path of horror oh so blissful to travel. It’s a fairly slow paced song that climaxes with more frenetic approach and the crazed rantings of a little preacher girl, which is almost as creepy as kids who wear ballroom dance attire! Shudder! The nightmare grows with next track ‘The Speared Promises’, a stand out track that utilises subtly frantic skin beats poised to lacerate the flesh further along. Down-tuned guitars with chugging horsepower ferocity hum like a monster in your ear all raging towards a hellstorm of blastbeats. The drumming on this album is sporadic yet frighteningly precise in what it does. ‘Frail As The Stalking Lions’ throws you into a pit of despairing disturbia while ‘Your Kingdom Shrouded In Blood’ goes for all out haunting dementia with its drawn out droning and moaning horrors.

The second half of the album open with ‘Silent Burned Atrocities’, an absolute killer of a track starting with Psycho-esque blood curdling strings and pummelling blasts like bullets in tin cans, which lead a glorious assault on the ears and senses. Title track ‘Hymns For The Broken, Swollen and Silent’ is a song possessed by demons, both inner and flesh. Though slow and restrained, its pace still breaks you down emotionally as does ‘I Have Clad The Pillars In The Flayed Skins’. Album closer ‘Our Mouths Ridden With Worms’ is an excellent way to finish, setting the tone early on with creeping and cavernous atmospheres. Mories’ piercing shrieks are joined by a ghostly female voice as deep wind instruments and stomping drums play a foreboding tune in this beautifully crafted funeral dirge.

Mories’ genius knows no bounds. This album takes everything that makes Gnaw Their Tongues great and throws them into one big melting pot, the stench of death and horrors of life, the sampling of mankind’s atrocities and miseries, it’s all there in all its glory. While it may not be as all out horrific as other releases it still showcases the god-given gift that Mories possesses. He takes thoughts and emotion from the fears that we as humans can only pray are just fears, and forges them into a nightmare for us to live out over and over again. There is simply no band quite like Gnaw Their Tongues and the fact it is hard to pin down a definite genre shows that Mories continues to pioneer new ground and bring about fresh new horror to our ears.

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