Unborn Capitalist In Limbo by Cory Hanson

Release date: November 18, 2016
Label: Drag City

Cory Hanson is no stranger to a bit of out there weirdness being the frontman of psychedelic adventurers Wand. Here, on his debut solo album, he finds time to expand on his bands palette to encompass a much broader range of psychedelic insensibilities. The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo is no mere solo folly though, and throughout its right mind expanding tracks there is evidence of a wonderful songwriter emerging.

Taking in a more pastoral route, the songs here are vignettes which mix in the playground psych of Sgt Pepper with the resolute folksiness of Nick Drake. These are songs which look outward though, and beneath there at times light veneer, offer some rather deep moments of awareness. There is an underlying sadness but this is waylaid by some glorious orchestration which evokes those wonderful twilight moments when clarity and dream become merged.

This dichotomy is highlighted by the upbeat reverence of ‘The Garden Of Delight’ which swells up into a majestic pop song before being thrown into the deep introspection of ‘Violent Moon’. In both cases the strings play there part in deepening the emotional resonance which plays of the lo-fi intricacies of Hanson’s playing.

Comparisons with Wand will be made but the only thing in common here is the glorious melodies. Where Wand may use it to sweeten their blustery noise, here Hanson employs it to knock out effect in the most simplest of occasions. ‘Evening Glass’ simply lilts along on top of a plucked acoustic, on the title track it becomes a part of urgent vocals, whilst on ‘Ordinary People’ it employs those neat little tricks that make all those classic 60’s songs so wonderful.

Whilst the album may be rooted in a 60’s feel, there is a timeless quality it which transcends each listen. Hanson’ vocals are disarming and little rises above a bossanova rhythm on ‘Flu Moon’. Indeed, the recurring motif of the moon brings that sense of darkness, subdued light, and dreams into play, whilst the excellent strings create the colours that you see as you listen.

Unborn Capitalist From Limbo is one of the more interesting releases this year and signals a real talent in the making. Wand have already received plaudits for their excellent music, here Hanson stakes his claim as one of the most exciting songwriters to emerge in a long time. This album easily nestles within the best of the year and we can only hope we get some more music soon from either Wand or Hanson as things have started to look decidedly exciting.

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