Blinded By The Smell by That Snaake

Release date: May 11, 2016
Label: Little L Records

Last year, Dublin post punk act That Snaake released their brilliant Go Bricker EP, a snarling slice of mutant post punk and now they follow that riotous three tracker with the much anticipated new EP entitled Blinded By The Smell which will shortly be packaged together with Go Bricker on cassette and digitally via Little L Records as a double EP under the title In The Court Of The Baby Kyng. The bands snarl and bite has not vanished since the Pirates initial release and come across as even more biting and sarcastic on Blinded By The Smell and this time they sound even bigger and brighter doing it.

That Snaake waste absolutely no time by kicking straight into ‘New Stigmata’, a rousing burst of garage rock with that post punk edge to it with a simple but effective guitar line (a heavier version of The Undertones with a bit of The Fall in there too is what immediately sprung to mind here) at the heart of the song. Despite an urgency to this opening track, there is a loose feeling to the song but one that the band are in control of at all times and this looseness doesn’t hide the bands energetic feel and the whole track surges with electricity.

‘Scofflaw/Sisyphus’ is up next and seems even more urgent and vital than the opener with its mix of frenetic punk and has an even more frantic Joy Division-esque feel to it as the track careers towards its conclusion with a power absent in a lot of current bands doing something similar. The EP ends with ‘Sabrina The Teenage Snitch’, (further demonstrating the bands knack for brilliantly titled songs), and that lo fi slacker feel collides again with the post punk to create an understated but epic sound, a definite less is more scenario and ends this short but sweet release the way it began. On a high.

That Snaake keep their winning streak going with Blinded By The Smell and the band’s anger and passion has been unleashed again, this time in a bit of a less obvious at first and more mature manner but one that hits the spot exactly the same as the previous EP and hopefully a full length album of new material be in the works for the new year, it’s what’s needed at the moment.

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