Hollowhead EP by Peaks

Release date: December 2, 2016
Label: Self-Released

I have to say, I’ve been wondering what this EP would turn out like for a little while. It certainly has precedent. Peaks is the brainchild of Ben Forrester (formerly of Bad Grammar) and this second EP was recorded and produced by Dan Beesley (formerly of Cleft).

Now that you’re all excited, let’s take that mental image of a Bad Grammar / Cleft hybrid, throw it out and start over (as much as the very idea makes me rub my thighs in excitement…).

Peaks is very much a different beast altogether and the forthcoming Hollowhead EP in it’s entirety is a very intimate, personal journey into the mind of the songwriter. Gentle layers of looped guitar deftly build atmosphere and complex melodic structures, coming together in a wonderfully cohesive 13 minutes of artistry.

‘Dear George, Dear William’ is the first track to be lifted from the EP, and starts with a disarmingly simple looped guitar line and clear, honest vocals. Ben bring is more looped guitar lines with different timbres, fleshing out the melody and structure of the track.

Ben notes that “This song is sort of an open letter to my Grandfathers. They both were a huge influence to me both as a performer and a musician and the chorus to this track is me letting them know I’m still trucking on and living by the advice that they’ve given me”.

Carefully paced, it builds well into a sincere and heartfelt tune, full of the obvious hallmarks of respect and inspiration.

As a whole, the Hollowhead EP is a clear progression from Peaks first EP both in terms of song development and production. Wandering from melancholy to slightly angular and discordant to uplifting, the Hollowhead EP provides an engaging, emotional journey, never raising it’s voice to a shout, but succinctly and directly putting its point across in a way that you can’t help but listen to.

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