Into Dimensions by Irah

Release date: October 14, 2016
Label: Tambourhinoceros

The Danish band Irah recently released their widescreen debut Into Dimensions. It is cinematic in scope and meshes dreamy, synth-driven textures with elements of world music. Singer Stine Grøn helms the vocals with confidence, reminding one of late period Kate Bush.

Opener “Fast Travelling” encompasses all of this, and is a grand introduction to a cool new band. “Above My Knees” starts off with a jazzy edge and morphs into shimmering dream pop. “Moon” is lilting and beautiful, much in the way that Beach House compositions are. “Interlude” is sung in Danish, and the choral harmonies are a good complement.

The title track is a tasty tune that takes its time worming its way into your synapses, and I really like the song layers and the way it builds to a grand finale. “Showering Layers of Your Skin” dials it back to a contemplative mood piece, with sounds slithering through the soundscape. Percussion is added in gradually along with Stine’s vocals, and it stretches out to an expansive 6 and a half minutes. Symphonic and trippy elements work well in this mix too. Very nice! The unsettling “Postlude” closes down this release, hovering about like a dark daydream before dissipating.

In summary, this is a fine album from a promising group that I hope to hear more from.

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