Księżyc milczy luty by Furia

Release date: November 14, 2016
Label: Pagan Records

The title of Furia’s new release translates as ‘Moon Silent Severe’. Let’s start with that, because Furia is a band that does not seem to care too much about informing their audience and why the hell should they? The band has been around for around 13 years and like most of their Let The World Burn collective they care little for convention in their sound. That results in strange, but also weirdly sensational records like this Ksi??yc milczy luty.

Their sound would be a black metal expression of their own making, dubbed nekrofolk. Recently the band dropped their special record Guido, which they recorded in a mine, far below the surface. Yeah, that’s a place with a lot of black indeed. Even within the Polish black/death scene, the band is an anomaly, an oddity with a very distinct flavor. Their latest effort is no different.

This record takes the listener to the moon and there’s something to be said for that. Opener ‘Za ?m?, w dym’ delivers a certain feeling of weightlessness. Far removed from the black metal roots, it seems as if the band is moving into unexplored space between post-black metal, shoegaze and psych, with a slow, repetitive pace and soaring riffs. On this record Furia sounds dreamy and loose, but always with a flavor of darkness to it. The listener is always trying to catch up up with the never predictable music.

It demonstrates that the strength with which a piece of music can hit the listener is not in its sheer ferocity, but it can also be suspense. The foreboding tone of the gentle music and the heavy spoken vocals on ‘Tam jest tu’ promises a greater darkness and that arrives a minute later in almost tribal bursts. Vocalist Micha? Ku?niak switches from his lulling spoken vocals to that of a booming zealot when the song unleashes as the sort of hectic black metal that Furia is known for with a thick layer of distortion, but some intriguing riffing. So don’t get me wrong, this record might be unhinged, but it’s ferocious outbursts are still there.

Many parts however are simply that typical nekrofolk sound that you love Furia for. Its tone can be provocative, almost mocking the listener. For example the repetitive riffs on ‘Zabieraj ?apska’, where the guitars tease the listener for what seems like an eternity, before the brusk vocals burst in. It’s as if the band tries to squeeze every song for what it’s worth, letting the build up go as long as it takes to set the right mood. Using every effect in such a way that it’s impact is maximized, there’s a constant sense of intrigue and bewilderment for the listener.

If you have to compare them to anything, it must be the complete lack of conventional take on the genre that Fleurety shows in their music. Hypnotic and almost trippy are words that come to mind for this effort by the Polish group though, with the peculiar little bass lines and the contrast of commanding, zealous vocals and the trudging progressions. Another favorite on the album is ‘Grzej’, mainly thanks to bass wizard Kamil Staszalek and the nice melodic lines that are woven into the song.

Ksi??yc milczy luty is a record full of surprises and intriguing discoveries. It’s harsh and dark, but also playful and blending elements together to create their very own effect. Furia knows the art of holding on to an atmosphere and letting you wallow in it like no other. That makes them one of the creative forces of this time.

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