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Forget the lone bull in the China shop: multinational London thrashers Calligram are the whole stampede trampling on your dinner set. Their latest EP Demimonde, due from Cimmerian Shade Recordings, is a black metal missive set to charge your adrenaline and burn into your synapses. 

From the howling hardcore of EP opener ‘Red Rope’, through the frenzied metal fits of ‘Bed of Nails’, ‘Drowned’ and ‘Black Velvet’, and on into furious closer ‘Bataclan’, Calligram take no prisoners as they hack a trail through the punk landscape. The band’s roll-call reads like the seating plan at a UN function, with Italian front man Matteo Rizzardo joined by Brazilians Bruno Polotto and Ardo Cotones on guitar and drums, alongside French guitarist Tim Desbos. 

English bass player Smittens completed the lineup in January 2016, before Demimonde was recorded under the watchful eye of Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studios in Haggerston, East London. The EP was then mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York State, harnessing the raw energy of a group that counts former members of Holy Roar Records signing The Chronicle of Adam West and Banquet Records’ The Don Ramos Players among its number.

Demimonde will be released through Cimmerian Shade Recordings on November 4th and is available to order through here. Listen to the full EP here:

The band also released a video for the track ‘Bed of Nails’ recently, which you can watch here:

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