When you think of Green Day’s seminal record American Idiot, you think of political statements and the trappings of suburbia. Some say it rectified the band members ‘derailing’ careers, and some people scream about it being too ‘commercial’. But, as the stricken, disapproving few that slated the opus stir their thoughts, there’s many that loved what the disc was about. It is to this day, and album that explored issues and fears, it created a storm of truth and it also signified rage and love. And before American Idiot was released, Green Day was a band that were lost in post album blues. That album was Warning, a collection of songs that missed the mark, a compendium of mediocrity. It was issued in 2000, 4 years before the prized possession. And with Warning failing, Green Day had to grab the moment and create a masterpiece.

That masterpiece was a monumental inspection of crippled America. It was a note to the hierarchy, the political big wigs who were bludgeoning the most powerful Country in the world. Bit by bit, piece by piece, it was crumbling, and Green Day wanted to showcase their feelings on the subject. They wholeheartedly did with an album truly rooted in emotion and authority. American Idiot hit the world like a thunder bolt. In 2004, it became the go to opus for the disenchanted. The punks who had nowhere to call their home. To this day, it has been bought 15 million times, and it is the saving grace for the powerhouse band. The LP was a stupendous blast of sneers and power chords. It represented a turning point in Green Day’s musical journey, eclipsing even their major debut collection Dookie.

The album contained numerous hits including the 9-minute epic *Jesus Of Suburbia*. It’s a track that pinpoints the state of decaying suburbia, the brutality of living in such violence. Front-man Billie Joe Armstrong’s lyrical prowess is truly remarkable on the song that many highlight as the bands most admirable contribution. It is a truly inspirational, well-worked, story driven, tour de force. With that said, the rest of the album is as riveting. The crashing *Holiday* is a magnificent song that signifies the albums complexity and sheer drama. The track features infectious and intricate guitar lines and sneer ridden vocals from Armstrong. He bellows about the state of America and how it began to fester.

After the rowdiness and harshness of “Holiday”, Green Day experimented with a low-key number in *Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. *A song that placed the band back into the clutches of the mainstream. It was a different, conceptual push, but it worked. And then we received *St Jimmy*, a song that catapulted the band into the punk frame. A volatile, fast paced, extravaganza, that implemented the stark attitude of the act.

American Idiot is now a colossal brand. It’s not just a rock opera, it has stretched its wings onto the stage as a major play. The political drenched masterstroke, has taken the world by storm, pushing the boundaries of art. And Green Day deserve the success. They were a band teetering on the brink, falling wayward, totally unequipped and out of inspiration.

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