Dimension Darkness by Division Vansinne

Release date: September 20, 2016
Label: Black Lion Records

Shredding like a chainsaw ripping through a tree trunk, ringing notes like razor grazing steel, Division Vansinne is a blackened death metal band with a fondness for artful brutality.

The grit on the guitar creates a dense wall of sound together with the other instruments. During a blast section, it’s hard to hear anything else than a machine plowing through a wasteland of thistles and bushes, trampling on them. Death metal the way it’s supposed to be – heavy, nuanced, groovy at times.

Perhaps not Like An Ever Flowing Stream, this still makes a fun afternoon after a Saturday jaunt through town. The double-kick drums resound through tiny cables. Your mp3 player better not be set at full volume or those earbuds can cause some serious trouble. Better yet, find out if you can get a copy, analog preferably, so your speakers can give you a proper introduction to the band’s music.

Clearly obscure and little-heard from, Division Vansinne’s members do not expect a windfall from their release. Instead, a love for music means getting a load of good ideas, and several of them works wonders for their death metal style. The rung notes are the result of one idea that works out beautifully. Clearly, the band knows not to simply tremolo riff to death with sixth and fifth string rooted notes downtuned to insane levels. Instead, they serve up a euphony of rung notes, and intermittently merge them with buzzsaw shreds while the double-kick drums pound like little hammers to the drum kit. All efforts to resist this addictive mix of elements are futile.

Clearly, this is a death metal fans’ sort of thing – the obscure band that makes real metal fans go, “check this out” after seeing a copy of the record. Don’t know Division Vansinne? Get acquainted! With these purveyors of the style, Division Vansinne’s album entitled, Dimension Darkness, is a sure sign that blackened death metal is in good hands. A good listen for a workweek, or a weekend warrior’s wet dream hiking through woody areas, Dimension Darkness is worth the listen. Let’s hope that Division Vansinne is just getting started. As this is their debut, this certainly presents as the case. Another band from Sweden, another twist to the tale. Buzzsaw black metal? Care for a listen?

What more can a four hundred word review say to sway your opinion? How about, “Check out killer blackened death metal NOW!”

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