Entopica Phenomica by Bonfire Nights

Release date: October 21, 2016
Label: Holy Beatnik Records

This London by way of Australia quintet has produced a winner with Entopica Phenomica, their debut album. Produced by Olly Betts of The Duke Spirit, it is sure to please fans of droning psych with a pop edge.

Right out the gate, the first song “Easy Touch” is a close cousin to what The Raveonettes were doing a few years back. It is slightly ominous and mysterious but highly melodic, with a bit of shimmer to wrap it up for listeners. That impression lingers with “Mesmer Isles”, replete with buzzing synths, trippy guitar, and slightly disembodied vocals.

“Heart’s to Blame” is crammed full of fuzzed out guitar and drones, with neat boy-girl vocals. “Low” gives a nod to Denmark’s Raveonettes again, only without the jagged edges. The guitar on here is cool and has a swamp vibe to it.

“Ego Death” also bubbles up from the black lagoon, with a bit of surf psych riding the sonic waves here. “Bo Diddley Did Me” has a cool guitar and keyboard sound, and is hard driving garage rock. Listeners will also appreciate the wails of feedback and the vintage keyboard sound on the nearly six minute jam, “Going Round”.

“Signal Failure” is an odd instrumental ditty with voices trickling through like a ticker tape, while the final track “Crossing the Wires” is a fine coda to this album, with memorable hooks and an instrumental tapestry that leaves the listener in stoned out bliss. Recommended for all fans of psychedelic, garage, and stoner rock.

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