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Formed in London 2010, Death Pedals have spent the past 7 years pedalling their own brand of hell for leather punk rock ‘n’ roll up and down the UK.

Their involvement in I Hate The Kids, Rip This Joint, This Is DIY, USA Nails, Dead Arms, Shitwife, Lupins, Bear Bites Horse Studio and most recently Hominid Sounds, has helped to define their reputation as an integral part of London’s DIY underground community, whilst also establishing themselves as an aggressive, adrenaline fuelled, must-see live band.

Initially influenced by US punk bands Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu, Marked Men, Nation Of Ulysses and The Bronx, they released their first album The Carvery in 2013. Their second LP Meat House, a fevered speedball of scattershot riffs, distorted vocals and pummelling rhythms, sees them develop new influences such as Metz and The Men, as well as contemporaries within the London community, Luminous Bodies, USA Nails and Henry Blacker.

Death Pedals take the punk ’n’ roll blueprint of their debut album and crank it up to ear bleeding new levels in their latest release. It’s their frenetic balls-to-the-floor live show writ large across wax and the consolidation of their position as London’s finest DIY noise merchants.

Meat House will be released through their own labels Hominid Sounds and Rip This Joint November 2016. Pre-order the album here.

Check out the new video for the track ‘Good Dog’ here:

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