By: Al Necro

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Released on September 16, 2016 via Broken Limbs Recordings

It’s my first time hearing Sea of Bones, and the angry, intense, cathartic release these guys get by jamming is infectious.

Ramlord follows up this split with whatchamacallit metal/heavy music that is typical of the label responsible for this split. That distinction goes to Broken Limbs Recordings. For the love of God, try to pigeon-hole Ramlord, my darlings. Ramlord is intense, multi-faceted, angry, punked, and hell-bent on communicating frustration similar in irreconcilable differences that result in bloodlet.

Sea of Bones is the doomier half, playing plenty of hard-hitting percussion, and downpicks on the strings. Not only that, but the guitars feature plenty of textured parts and segments that don’t sound typical of downpick til you drop doom. Like a heavy-assed, pissed, doom-fantasizing Thurston Moore, the guitarist here plays guitar parts that are subtle instead of frenetic. They lend a great deal of atmosphere with their side of the split, an epic track featuring some dissonance and psychedelia. The name Sea of Bones suits them. The music sounds like it’s beneath multitudes of ocean, irretrievable like angst spent on a destructive spree in the chasms of society, perfect for folks who love doom and feel enough anxiety to take it out on a living human being.

Ramlord starts off with strange but slow herky-jerky downpicking, intermittently playing rung notes to add weirdness. Then, the band whips up a flurry of fill-ins and the riffs get groovy. Ramlord’s doom is eccentric and not fully doom by itself.  Bewitching for the use of d-beat and punk, Ramlord suitably makes heavy music for fans of original jam-session outtake. Never too controlled or refined, Ramlord stokes the fire for fans of Broken Limbs Recordings type material. If you don’t get the culture here, you’ll waste your time figuring out why the performance is raw and the sound engineering fittingly so.

Broken Limbs Recordings’ Ramlord is quintessential for the label. Those who don’t get it won’t, but damn straight you’d better try. Sea of Bones is far from typical, and one track is justification for excitement for fans who want an EP split that fans of unpredictable doom can appreciate. When Ramlord plays riffs that snake up the fretboard and add noise instead of melody, it’s as much a calculated risk as any. It’s one that works out beautifully, and for these ears genuinely sends me hurling myself to the nearest brick wall. What’s in store is a good rock out after just two tracks of genre-bending genre-tag murder. There are no RIYLs for either band. No Listen FFOs that do justice. Good music? Check. Money well-spent? Check. Head still on neck and shoulders after a listen? No. So check out Ramlord and Sea of Bones Split for some old-fashioned vertigo. You won’t be disappointed.

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