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Released on September 30, 2016 via Constellation

From his origins in Polmo Polpo, to his string of releases under his own name, Canadian artist Sandro Perri has offered an eclectic mix of gorgeously saturated music, ripe with experimentation whilst still retaining an accessible pop element. Perri’s career has seen him produce some of Constellation Records more intriguing records, some solo, some collaborative. Off World sees Perri teaming up with a number of musicians and producers in the creation of something new and organic, where the music slowly evolves into something cosmic and other worldly.

For the most part, 1 is an aural spectacle of electronic landscapes, sprawling great distances and encapsulating this distant other world. At times, there’s something almost Spaghetti Western about the music itself, as though being presented in a space age. It’s perhaps difficult to really classify what kind of album 1 actually is, as the resulting experience is one that is ever shifting, with a wide range of concepts and ideas being presented in a surprisingly cohesive package. This is perhaps one of Perri’s most collaborative efforts yet, with each collaborator contributing to the experience with as much stake as everyone else.

It’s arguable that Off World’s first offering may have difficulty finding its place amongst fans. Much of the music itself follows much different trends and concepts to what we might be familiar with in terms of Perri’s previous output, with 1 encompassing a much darker and foreboding world. The album may not feel as sweet and pleasant and Perri’s solo work, or even his collaboration with Craig Dunsimir under the moniker of Glissandro 70, but what it does offer is another spectrum to Perri’s output, as well as showing how his collaborations with other artists can manifest itself into something truly interesting.

Perhaps the main feat of 1 is how synthetic and electronica instrumentation have all come together in such a cohesive and organic manner, resulting in an album experience that truly transports the listener with every listen. The blurring of styles, concepts and genres makes 1 a more interesting electronic album experience, one where general classification is certainly difficult, but the result is one of Perri’s more enigmatic releases. With this being the first of three offering from the newly formed band, one can only wonder what direction the follow-up will ultimately take itself in, and what mysterious world we’ll be transported to next.

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