By: Martyn Coppack

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Released on September 23, 2016 via Rooster

Even on paper, the prospect of Heads fuelled Kandodo with Monster Magnet’s John McBain is enough to make your greasy palms sweaty. That’s before you even get to the at times quite remarkable music that is on this collaborative album Lost Chants/Lost Chance.

Taking the ambient nature of Kandodo with the more psychedelic aspects of Monster Magnet and a heady dose of metronomic drumbeats and Lost Chants/Lost Chance becomes something of a heavy beast. That only really tells half of the story and as you delve into these at times admittedly long tracks, you start to discover an emotional heart which has been lost on a lot of psych releases over the last few years.

By tapping into an emotional resonance and making the music so much more human, a track like ‘Holy Syke’ or the title track become paeans to the human condition. They are exploratory journeys into the minds eye but always with an attachment to the nervous system. Not since Teeth Of The Sea have a band really tapped into this side of psych music and it reaps its rewards.

Lost Chants/Lost Chance is a long album and you may struggle to get through in one sitting. The magic of the album is you can dip in anywhere you want and take up the threads. It’s hardly background music but it certainly does well to soundtrack your mind through a days work. The ease in which it unravels it’s eloping beats and rhythms provides a constant throughout and a familiarity creeps in no matter where you are in the album.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the quite extraordinary musicianship that goes on. Never did a repeated riff and kraut drumbeat sound so life-affirming at times but also when they want to plumb the depths, the music takes on an almost soothing nature to keep you company. It’s a journey you want to repeat to as there are so many little nuances that crop up giving the tracks on this album an endless source of exploration.

In a time when psych music seems to be losing its way a bit, it’s good to see that every now and again something pops up which reinvigorates your interest in a scene. That it comes from some of the older heads is irrelevant as the music they produce provides something new to a scene which doesn’t know where it wants to head next. In the journey to get to the outer reaches, the human touch got lost along the way. Kandodo and McBain bring it back with a stunning jolt. One of the best psych releases this year by a country mile.

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