By: Al Necro

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Released on June 26, 2016 via Godz Ov War Productions

Chugging and fast at times, with the groove sometimes locked-in at mid-tempo, Eteritus plays back-to-the-basics death metal in nostalgic fashion. The guitars sound almost buzzsaw heavy and the drums are on target. The vocals are unintelligible growls that roar with authority. The riffs are catchy and the vibe here is close to Obituary’s older albums. Simple, but executed brilliantly, Eteritus’ Following the Ancient Path couldn’t have been named more appropriately.

Death metal is like fine wine. It’s not terribly complex to make, but it’s aged to perfection, and the older it is, the better the taste. Wine sampling is popular amongst the affluent. Metal fans might prefer binge-drinking Coors Light, but that might not actually be true. Like wine tasters, metal fans are connoisseurs. The right flavor comes from the right ingredients, and Following the Ancient Path has all the right elements to make a comparison to aged wine legitimate.

There’s plenty of kick drums to be heard here. The guitars gallop along and the riffs downpick and slash upwards the strings when the band slows down in transition. What matters in my description of the music is that while you’ve heard this sound before, and while I’ve described music in a similar fashion, you must get that Eteritus play above-standard death metal for the death metal legions. At times there’s even a little d-beat, and the fist-pumping doesn’t end abruptly, no matter how much variance the band gives to the tempo changes.

Listened to intently, there’s no shortage of entertainment. I like death metal that can stand up to repeat listens, and Following the Ancient Path does that beautifully. Supremely entertaining, tributary in the most complimentary ways, Eteritus is a band on the rise. Godz Ov War Productions is responsible for this release reaching the apex of darkness, so worship the darkness, listen to this call-to-arms, metal brothers, until the light takes us.

Eteritus does show a penchant for good songwriting, and the band doesn’t ever get boring. Perhaps death metal like this isn’t at all original, it was also never meant to die a tragic demise at the hands of major labels. Good death metal is like fine wine. It isn’t hard liquor for the binge-drinker, where everything with alcohol strikes as similar. Though familiar, even similar to ancient death metal bands of yore, this is too good to not get the attention it deserves. Do not forget our death metal heritage. Death metal lives on in the hands of bands like Eteritus and labels like Godz Ov War Productions!

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