By: Al Necro

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Released on September 16, 2016 via Broken Limbs Recordings

Cara Neir and Wildspeaker play similar guitar tones. But, the comparison doesn’t end there. The helter/skelter, manic-depressive, intermittently fast and slow sections that both bands use are full of disparate elements that feature plenty of ringing, throttling, tremolo-picked syncopation. In addition, much of those riffs travel up the fretboard rather than stay locked in at the fifth or sixth strings. For music perfect for an adventure into unknown territory, Cara Neir and Wildspeaker have joined forces to release a split recording fitting an excursion into a dangerous remote area. Thusly, presented by Broken Limbs Recordings, is Guilt and His Reflection, a cassette featuring both similarly-grounded bands.

Cara Neir sometimes shreds notes on the minor chords and tremolo pick to the sound of syncopated drumming. The beats gallop along wildly, while the riffs play off-pace, either fast or slow, ringing out or shredding notes, or tremolo picking on minor chords. Sometimes, the band strums along in 90’s alternative fashion all whilst playing metal that breaks down barriers and genre tags. Sometimes atmospheric, folk, punk, black metal or all of it in one blurry swoop, Cara Neir prove that they have a penchant for convincing, persuasive originality.

Wildspeaker follows up Cara Neir’s side of the split with some of the former’s most intense material recorded. At times going by in a blur of blastbeats and frenzied tremolo-picking, at times downpicking with complete disregard to the steel strings of the guitars, Wildspeaker plays the sort of raw, frantic, intentionally-sloppy mosh music that complements Cara Neir’s wild, syncopated jams. Not to be outdone by the raw, live studio-takes instrumentally, the vocalists of both bands scream with contempt better reserved for fans who enjoy hatred in large, unhealthy amounts of self-expression. Listeners shouldn’t misconstrue the description of the riffs for background music perfect for a casual listening session. Both bands are extreme in the way they merge intensity with moody whispering and staccato plucking, riffs comprised of strummed chords enhanced to full potential by the live studio-take recording and its availability in analog format.

Cara Neir and Wildspeaker are both crafty, original purveyors of the sort of music that ignites inspiration and energetic response from its listeners. Whether on a transition, or an all-out salvo of blasts and hyperion riffs, Cara Neir and Wildspeaker beg to be heard with the same enthusiasm that meth addicts typically reserve for wild forays in immersion. Cathartic in the discovery of pent-up emotion only sustainable through the assistance of a medium, Guilt and His Reflection presents as a perfect medium of expression.

Try as I might, the best way I can describe this release is that both bands push the envelope on either side of the split release, taking elements that fuse wildly and unclearly in a way that sounds perfect for fans who never know what to expect from both bands. Broken Limbs Recordings specializes in genre-bending music that evolves templates past their typically presumptuous genre tags, and both bands play music on this split release that is as close to fulfilment of that mission as possible. Anything but typical, only doing so for the sake of being unpredictable, Cara Neir and Wildspeaker redefine extreme in ways that translate to music and instrumentation rather than on ideology or reputation. Both bands present antithesis here, and fans of bands that break chains and barriers in extreme music are invited to give this platter a chance in order to experience emancipation made possible in the best way audio can.

Easily, a classic but contemporary Broken Limbs release by style and ideology, Guilt and His Reflection by Cara Neir and Wildspeaker merits a listening experience free of presumption. Otherwise, take your preconceived notions of what makes extreme music ‘extreme’ with this frantic ride through the wild side, and let true extreme music be heard by your virgin ears for the first time. For previous fans of these two bands, it’s more of what you might not have expected these two bands to accomplish, so kick out the jams and enjoy analog audio destruction with a copy of Guilt and His Reflection. After all is said and done, music is cathartic and entertaining, and both bands here exemplify that. The music speaks volumes, and lyrically, the challenge to deduce the concepts used is daunting, but worth it.

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