By: Al Necro

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Released on October 7, 2016 via Starwolf Records

Genre-benders blaspheme routinely at denunciations made by purists, and you can chalk up another example of such on Eschatos’ second full-length album, The Grand Noir. It winds up and delivers a coup de grace to any metal fan in need of underground music sustenance. Take note, that wasn’t blackened death fan, or thrash fan. Eschatos’ The Grand Noir is the real deal. They call their music progressive black metal perhaps, but the slew of styles and elements therein is a dizzying cavalcade of sublime songwriting chops.  Just call them metal. Good metal, that is.

This band is from Latvia and I couldn’t be prouder to proclaim them the next big thing in genre-bending metal. Proggy like early Opeth at times, Eschatos play music that musicians and music lovers will like. No idiot scene theatrics or trend-hopping gimmicks here. If any major label owner was worth their salt, being able to tell if a band is on the rise and said band could make good use of major label marketing muscle, Eschatos won’t be unsigned for long.

It’s an utter tragedy that most of you won’t get to hear this. Meanwhile, a chockful of lesser bands get by on hype and mediocre kvlt material. Eschatos can at least play a varied set of aural textures and styles, and while I may like my Teitanblood just fine, bands like Eschatos that don’t exude fake bad guy vibes in place of good music make me giddy excited for what they might offer in future recordings.

Occasionally ambient, at times raging, always displaying potent songwriting chops and musicianship, Eschatos brings a smile to my face few bands this year have given me. If I had a top ten list and a host of notable bands outside my top ten, The Grand Noir would be one of them.

I would salivate over some better packaging for Eschatos’ The Grand Noir in LP format. Like I said, a compassionate label can help them with this. If you’re beating around the backyard, kicking dirt and clumps of grass clusters in the air because you’re sick of the same lame schtick some bands put in their quasi-religious Satanic ideology and whatnot, try Eschatos’ The Grand Noir for an underground record due for a major label’s diligence and reach. Wider audiences are not far removed from bands like Eschatos that play music this good. Fans, do your part and spread the word.

Highlight track is track three, ‘The First, The Last and The Living’.

Listen to the Tract Stream of ‘On The Divine Names’ here:

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